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Cavotec wants to contribute to a future world that is cleaner, safer and more efficient by providing innovative connection solutions for ships, aircraft and mobile equipment today.
Cavotec wants to contribute to a future world that is cleaner, safer and more efficient by providing innovative connection solutions for ships, aircraft and mobile equipment today.

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How Cavotec is making profitable sustainability a reality

How is Cavotec making profitable sustainability a reality for customers worldwide, ensuring a future world that is safer, more efficient, and more sustainable today? At a recent investors’ meeting event that we hosted in Stockholm and online, we set out how we’re a key enabler of profitable sustainability. We spoke to Memed Uzel, Cavotec’s Chief Commercial Officer, to find out more.

“At the investors’ meeting, we demonstrated how Cavotec is a key enabler of profitable sustainability and how we make that a reality for our customers. Delivering on profitable sustainability is unique to Cavotec amongst our peers and goes right to the heart of what we do. Everything we do today, and everything we do in the future, will deliver on that promise,” Uzel says.

Can you elaborate what profitable sustainability is and how Cavotec defines it?

“At Cavotec, we believe that profitable sustainability has three pillars. First, productivity: do more with less. Second, safety: protecting people and equipment. Third, sustainability: reducing environmental impact. Crucially, we believe that these three values are not in conflict with each other but can be delivered simultaneously. In the past, operators would typically have to identify and implement cost savings to pay for investment in increased safety and sustainability. Today – with Cavotec – our customers operate more safely and reduce their environmental footprint all at once – and boost profitability while doing so.”

How does Cavotec make profitable sustainability a reality?

“At ports, we enable ships to moor and depart from ports up to one hour faster than conventional techniques. This saves fuel, reduces emissions, protects people and equipment, and improves productivity. I’m referring to the next generation of our automated mooring technology, MoorMaster NxG, but more broadly to our electrification portfolio that includes our shore power systems that enable ships’ engines to be turned off in port, saving fuel and reducing emissions. Our electrification systems also contribute to greater productivity, improved safety, and reduced environmental impact. These technologies include e-ferry charging, e-truck charging, and systems to electrically power cranes. We also enable the remote control and monitoring of equipment.”

What about airports?

“Airlines and airports are currently facing severe challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, overall trends and the need for profitable sustainability in the global aviation sector are stronger than ever and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. For example, with growth in the use of smaller aircraft, turn-around times at airports will be key. The Cavotec E3 gate system enables the same gates to service various sizes of aircraft while offering the ability to power, to cool, to heat, and to fuel planes from in-ground systems. By connecting aircraft at gates to electrical power faster, their engines can be shutdown sooner, improving turnaround times and reducing emissions. Our in-ground systems also enable a reduction in the number of service vehicles on the apron, thereby improving safety and reducing the risk of equipment damage.”

And in the industry sector?

“Cavotec enables a wide variety of industrial sites to increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce environmental impact. Our radio remote control (RRC) and human operator interface (HOI) systems enable the remote control and monitoring of heavy-duty vehicles and cranes, while our fast and reliable electrical connection systems ensure equipment availability and emission-free operation. This is yet another example of how Cavotec enables improved productivity, safety, and reduced environmental impact simultaneously. This is how Cavotec enables the future today. Furthermore, we strongly believe all our solutions will quickly become standards in our industries.”

How about the future of Cavotec – can you reveal anything about Cavotec’s plans for the future?

“While the future is exciting in terms of what we’re doing today, we aren’t complacent. So we’re investing in accelerating our growth over the coming years. One example of this is our new innovation centre in the Netherlands that will provide us capabilities in AI, remote connectivity, high-power, high-speed electrical charging, and battery technologies. The centre will also develop turnkey solutions for our customers so that Cavotec becomes a “one-stop-shop” that provides comprehensive solutions. On the product side, we’ve recently introduced the next generation MoorMaster. Not only is this product revolutionary in its execution, but it also sets the stage for many more product launches in terms of value proposition, design language, and technological innovation. Watch this space!

“Overall, we’re well positioned in terms of underlying market growth and trends. We offer profitable sustainability solutions suited to meet the challenges facing our customers today. We’re further investing in our capabilities and products, and we have the performance culture to succeed.” 

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Memed Üzel

Memed Üzel

Press contact Chief Commercial Officer +41 91 911 4010

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