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Cavotec HOI enables the safe, efficient remote operation of the Atlas Copco ST Tram loader.
Cavotec HOI enables the safe, efficient remote operation of the Atlas Copco ST Tram loader.

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Atlas Copco selects Cavotec HOI to improve mining loader safety, efficiency

Working closely with mining group Atlas Copco, Cavotec has developed an innovative Human Operator Interface (HOI) system, incorporating long-range wireless communication, for operators of rugged loader vehicles used in mining applications deep underground. The solution, which first entered service in 2016, has generated substantial safety and efficiency gains at a mining application in Russia.

The system comprises three cameras, a media base unit (MBU), and an antenna on the loader machine; and a Radio Remote Control (RRC) unit and tablet device for operators. The MBU connects the three cameras on the loader and transmits live video over a wireless network (Wi-Fi). The live feed is displayed on a tablet device mounted on the RRC, enabling the loader to be maneuvered and controlled remotely.

The HOI video system provides operators with a wider overall view of what they are doing, which in turn supports more efficient loading. The solution improves safety and operational efficiency by removing loader operators from potentially hazardous areas where loaders operate. This is especially relevant in areas where rocks are unstable.

This versatile system is used to operate several different types of machine without design changes, with customers installing the system on new machines, and retrofitting existing equipment.

Cavotec has extensive experience of developing control, automation, and electrification technologies for mining applications worldwide. You can learn more about this project, and all our innovations, at our media library.

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