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Bridging brilliance: our industrial radio remote controls help move some the world's most outsized loads.
Bridging brilliance: our industrial radio remote controls help move some the world's most outsized loads.

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How Cavotec helps transport the world's heaviest objects

We’re proud to support heavy-duty haulage specialist Goldhofer to move some of the world’s heaviest objects. Over the past 10 years, Cavotec Radio Remote Control (RRC) solutions have helped transport NASA’s Space Shuttle Endeavour, shift a vast bridge section on the French island of La Reunion, and carry segments of oil rigs, building structures, and large tanks and reservoirs.

Goldhofer is a leading supplier of self-propelled modular transporters – specialised vehicles fitted with large wheel arrays that transport out-sized equipment or structures that are too heavy or too large to be moved by truck. Loads on these vehicles can reach several hundred tonnes.

The operation of self-propelled modular transporters carrying such loads requires the application of advanced technologies to ensure that vehicles and cargoes arrive safely at their intended destinations.

Goldhofer self-propelled modular transporters are controlled with our RRCs. These systems include transmitter units, the RRC unit itself, and receiver units installed on the vehicles. The systems allow one person to operate these transporters remotely – safely away from the vehicle and load.

The ergonomic design of our RRCs ensures precision control, thereby optimising operations and reducing risks. You can learn more about Cavotec’s extensive range of RRC technologies here.

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Memed Üzel

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