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Cavotec turnkey RRC package for steel plant

Blog post   •   May 27, 2016 10:00 GMT

New and improved: the bulldozer rigged with our RRC unit.

In the latest development for Cavotec turnkey radio remote control (RRC) technologies, our innovative RRCs are being used to operate a bulldozer at a BOSS steel plant in Port Talbot in the UK.

Our comprehensive system enables the operation of the machine where previously personnel were required to work in a highly hazardous environment.

The vehicle collects molten steel that spills from a 20-foot ladle during the steel mixing process. Such spillages are common, and this material needs to be quickly removed before it hardens. Our system enables its removal, while also keeping personnel at a safe distance from the ladle. In this highly demanding environment, reliability is key.

Teaming up with a third party integrator, we have supplied RRC units as part of a complete turnkey solution. Together with our fellow supplier, we have converted the bulldozer to enable full remote operation.

This process included the conversion of the vehicle’s conventional hydraulic system into electro-hydraulics. Having supplied a large number of systems for converting conventional cab-operated machines to radio remote operation, we plan to develop and expand this package offering.

The technology is proven, and our systems can be readily adapted for use on multiple vehicle platforms as well as machines ranging in size from extremely small to very large.