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Cavotec extends its leadership in automated mooring and charging for e-ferries

Blog post   •   Jun 08, 2017 07:17 GMT

A MoorMaster™ unit moors the Electra hybrid ferry, as the Automatic Plug-in System readies to charge the vessel.

Our innovative MoorMaster™ automated mooring and Automatic Plug-in System (APS) are set to enter service with a hybrid battery-powered ferry in Finland, delivering substantial operational efficiencies and reducing environmental impact.

The Electra, operated by FinFerries, is 90m long, 16m wide, and carries up to 90 vehicles. It makes crossings at 15-minute intervals during the day, and one round trip per hour at night, year-round and in all weather conditions between Parainen and Nauvo in southwest Finland.

For this application, Cavotec engineered a fully integrated automated mooring and charging solution consisting of a MoorMaster™ system and an automated charging solution – a Cavotec APS tower – at each berth to moor and connect the Electra in less than 30 seconds.

The MoorMaster™ units will signal to the APS systems when the Electra is securely moored, before a laser sensor then guides the connector to a hatch in the side of the vessel where it connects to the ship’s battery to begin charging.

“APS automates the charging of the vessel with the touch of a button,” says Sofus Gedde Dahl, Cavotec Global Systems Specialist, E-ferries.

APS connects cranes, ships and other mobile equipment to electrical power. In this e-ferry application, the system ensures quick and reliable connection, maximising charging time and optimising vessel and battery pack design, thereby vessel weight and operational costs. MoorMaster™ automated mooring eliminates the need for mooring lines with automated vacuum pads that moor and release vessels in seconds.

“The introduction of MoorMaster™ and APS will ensure substantial improvements in terms of safety, efficiency, and environmental performance,” explains Jakob Tolsgaard, Cavotec MoorMaster™ System Specialist, Europe.

Cavotec has installed these systems at a number of similar e-ferry applications in Norway, and we’re seeing growing interest in the automation of mooring and charging of vessels across the industry.

Earlier this year, again in Finland, a number of Cavotec MoorMaster™ units entered service at a major ferry terminal at the Port of Helsinki.

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