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A similar system at Port of Helsinki has been in service since 2016.
A similar system at Port of Helsinki has been in service since 2016.

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Cavotec extends leadership in automated mooring with Estonia order

Cavotec’s MoorMaster™ automated mooring system has been selected for two passenger ferry berths at the Port of Tallinn in Estonia, the second order of this type for the unmanned mooring technology in a matter of weeks.

“We’re delighted to work with the Port of Tallinn to achieve the safety and operational efficiency improvements that MoorMaster™ offers; we see this as a result of our continuous investment in our solutions to better meet the challenges our customers face,” says Patrick Mares, President Cavotec Ports & Maritime.

In the latest order for the technology, Cavotec will design, supply, commission and service two multi-unit MoorMaster™automated mooring systems at two passenger ferry berths at the Port of Tallinn in Estonia.

The systems will moor large Ro/Pax vessels that make several daily crossings between Tallinn and the Finnish capital Helsinki, where MoorMaster™ systems have been in use since 2016. In June this year, the Port of Turku, (also in Finland), announced that it was also installing a multi-unit MoorMaster™ system.

MoorMaster™ improves safety, reduces environmental impact, and substantially increases operational efficiency by removing conventional mooring lines from the mooring process. This dramatically reduces mooring times, vessel motion, fuel consumption and emissions.

More than 80 MoorMaster™ systems have performed some 500,000 moorings at ferry, bulk and container handling ports, as well as lock and ship-to-ship applications worldwide.

Twenty years after the first system entered service, MoorMaster™ is still the only established automated mooring technology on the market. With its key patents and optimized hydraulics, the system offers superior performance to that claimed by any other system on the market, while maintaining low energy consumption.

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Patrick Mares, President, Ports & Maritime Division

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