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Cavotec AMP systems officially opened at Stena Line ferry berths in Hoek van Holland

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Cavotec AMP systems officially opened at Stena Line ferry berths in Hoek van Holland

In the latest example of the growing use of Cavotec’s innovative shore-to-ship electrical power supply technologies, Stena Line has officially opened two Cavotec Alternative Maritime Power (AMP) systems at its terminal in Hoek van Holland (Rotterdam), The Netherlands.

The result of close cooperation between Cavotec and partners Stena Line, ABB, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure, these are the first shore power systems for sea-going vessels introduced at the Port of Rotterdam. They also form an important element in the Port’s stated aim of becoming the most sustainable port in the world.

Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, Melanie Schultz van Haegen, inaugurated the AMP systems at a ceremony attended by representatives from the primary partners in the project including Stena Line, ABB, and the Port of Rotterdam. Local officials, dignitaries, and business leaders were also present.

“These projects demonstrate what ports can achieve when we pool engineering expertise to develop innovative, integrated solutions. We work with a number of trusted partners to develop AMP systems and other technologies for the ports sector and elsewhere,” comments Sietse Nap, Managing Director Cavotec Netherlands.

Cavotec’s involvement in the projects included the supply of two shore-to-ship interface cable management systems that ensure the safe and quick connection of shore side electrical supply to four Stena Line ferries. Radio remote control units, also supplied by Cavotec, operate the AMP units

One of the two units is a cable dispenser system that connects electrical power to the Stena Transit and Stena Transporter: two freight ferries that sail between Hoek van Holland and Killinghome on the east coast of the UK. The other system is installed at Stena Line’s passenger ferry berth that serves the Stena Britannica and Stena Hollandica on the Hoek van Holland to Harwich route. The centrepiece of this application is a telescopic crane that extends some 20 metres.

Cavotec has worked on a large number of similar AMP installations across northern Europe. In Sweden for example, the Port of Stockholm, the Port of Gothenburg, the Port of Karlskrona and the Port of Ystad all use Cavotec AMP systems. The very first AMP system became operational at the Port of Gothenburg in 1984.

Cavotec AMP systems enable vessels to switch off their engines while docked and to connect to shore side electricity to power services such as lighting, heating and food preparation. Switching off ships’ engines and connecting to grid-generated electricity reduces fuel consumption and dramatically cuts particulate matter emissions, thus helping improve air quality in ports and surrounding communities.

“The systems at Hoek van Holland have been tested since March this year and local residents are already reporting improvements in air quality and reductions in noise pollution,” says Nap.

Cavotec’s shore power systems are also increasingly widely used elsewhere in Europe and at ports on the US west coast, Canada and the Far East. In May this year, Cavotec announced multiple AMP orders from the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Oakland. The Port of Los Angeles has also used the technology at several container berths for many years.

In addition to shore power systems, Cavotec manufactures a diverse range of advanced technologies that help ports around the world to operate safely, efficiently and sustainably. These products include automated mooring systems, Panzerbelt cable protection systems, crane controllers, marine propulsion slip rings, power chains and connectors, radio remote controls, motorised cable reels and steel chains.

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