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MoorMaster™ automated mooring goes Dutch

Blog post   •   Feb 06, 2014 10:00 GMT

Earlier this week, our first automated mooring application in the Netherlands took shape, as two MoorMaster™ units were delivered and carefully lowered into position at Port Den Helder.

The units will be used by two TESO passenger ferries on the Den Helder-Texel Island route. With a length of 130m, the ferries can hold up to 300 cars and some 1,750 passengers.

The MoorMaster™ units will enable ships’ engines to idle during each 10-minute boarding process. Previously, the ships’ engines were used to hold the vessels in position. With some 6,000 port calls made on the route annually, MoorMaster™ will reduce emissions and fuel costs substantially. 

You can find out more in our original media release about this project here; and you can see more images from the delivery and installation of the units here.

MoorMaster™ holds ships in place securely with remote controlled vacuum pads, and moors and releases vessels in seconds, compared to anything up to an hour using conventional mooring. You can see the system in operation at a similar ferry application in Denmark, (and at a bulk handling berth in Australia), here.