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Cavotec rolls out EV charging stations at company sites

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Cavotec rolls out EV charging stations at company sites

In line with Cavotec’s overall programme of CSR initiatives that promote sustainable operations across the Group, we're encouraging the wider use of electric car charging stations at Cavotec car parks.

Cavotec Inet in the US was the first of Cavotec’s premises to offer employees and visitors a charging station, (manufactured by General Electric), to connect their electric vehicles free of charge. Cavotec UK also introduced a charging station at their new-build facilities in Stockton-On-Tees. Most recently, three charging stations have been installed at Cavotec Connectors in southern Sweden; and additional stations are to be made available at our two Centres of Excellence in Germany.

The charging stations at our offices in Germany and Sweden are manufactured by ABL, a leading supplier of car charging equipment, and feature Cavotec self-retracting cable management systems. Cavotec is also working with a leading car sharing operator to provide cable management systems for charging stations in the US. Cavotec self-retracting cable management systems are fitted with a spring system that ensures that charging cables automatically return to the station housing after use.

Our self-retracting cable management system offers several benefits for electric car users and charging station operators:

Safe connection: reduced risk of electrical hazards and tripping.

User-friendly: quick, easy connection possible with one hand, no cable-tangle.

Reduced maintenance costs: as cables retract automatically into the station housing, damage to connectors and cables from contact with the ground, harsh ambient conditions and/or vandalism is minimised; this also protects the cable and connector.

Based on our extensive experience of connecting mobile equipment such as ships and cranes in the harshest of environments, Cavotec has developed a range of manual and automated charging systems for electric vehicles that comply with the latest standards and regulatory requirements.




Joakim Wahlquist

Joakim Wahlquist

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