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Cavotec enables customers to maximize asset utilization with extensive service offering

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Cavotec enables customers to maximize asset utilization with extensive service offering

Our extensive after-sales Services offering – ranging from long-term service agreements to a series of specific programmes for airports, ports and industry – ensure customers maximize the availability, performance and operational life of their assets. 

“Our structured after-sales offering helps customers get the very best out of their equipment investment. We provide the expertise and local knowledge customers need to maintain operations at optimal levels,” says Patrick Baudin, President Cavotec Services.

A series of investment protection programmes, including CavotecInspect, CavotecReman and CavotecUptodate are now fully rolled out. Backed by Cavotec engineering expertise, these programmes provide customers with the inspection, re-manufacturing and hardware and software updates they need to avoid downtime, optimize performance and extend the operational life of their assets.

The programmes are subdivided into specific segments such as gear boxes, high-voltage collector, and fibre optic accumulators for motorized cable reels. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing details of these programmes on our social media channels.

Cavotec Services also provides long-term service agreements to customers, called CavotecCare and these are available on four separate levels tailored to a variety of customer needs.

To learn more about our Services offering, visit our website at:

For further details about Cavotec Services, please contact Patrick Baudin at

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