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Cavotec launches innovative Series 2500+ aircraft converter unit and power pack

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Cavotec launches innovative Series 2500+ aircraft converter unit and power pack

Cavotec has unveiled its innovative Series 2500+ ground power unit at inter airport Europe 2015. The system, readily combined with a 400Hz modular coiler (PowerPack I-connect), has been designed for the global market and to meet airlines’ growing environmental and operational requirements.

“The Series 2500+ meets the growing power load requirements of new generation passenger aircraft, as well as operational efficiency demands. While the maximum power load many existing converters deliver is around 400%, the 2500+ is a 90kW solid state frequency converter that guarantees 500% overload,” says Yann Duclot, Cavotec CMO.

This extra capacity ensures aircraft services are maintained at the gate, and covers future potential 400Hz electrical loads of next generation aircraft. The Series 2500+ is compatible with Europe’s 50Hz power standard, as well as North America’s 60Hz. It also incorporates dual output facilitating MARS gates and MRO hangars, and has also been designed for operation in ambient conditions of up to 60 degrees Celsius.

Crucially, it can be installed horizontally on passenger bridges, or vertically on the apron. In both options, the unit is identical: a standard solution that reduces maintenance costs.

The Series 2500+ also marks the release of our new software package, Cavotec Skyway, which enables remote access to the unit from a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, (Android and iOS compatible). This enables detailed monitoring and analysis of system status and performance, as well as data storage. It provides live information on operations and supports preventive maintenance plans. If required, Cavotec engineering and field services teams are able to remotely access and rapidly diagnose units.

The 2500+ also represents an important milestone for the Cavotec Group because it serves as a platform for the further development of its series of 400Hz electrical products.

For example, the Series 2500+ is already available in a 400Hz system configuration with an integrated 400Hz coiler. In this constellation, the PowerPack I-Connect is pre- assembled and tested by Cavotec prior to delivery. Once in place, start-up simply involves connection and powering up. Either element of the system can be removed or replaced without affecting the availability of the other half of the unit.

Separately, Cavotec is expanding its range of sub-freezing PCA products to offer more options to clients willing to design their PCA systems according to the AHM-977 standard. The Group offers two sub-freezing AHM997-compliant systems: Cavotec PCAir and Cavotec DX Boost Sub-Z PCA. These innovative PCA systems cool many aircraft types – including very large aircraft such as the Airbus A380 – even in locations where ambient temperatures regularly exceed 50 degrees Celsius.

In January this year, Cavotec announced an order for its powerful sub-freezing DX-Boost system for installation at the Presidential Flight Hangar at Abu Dhabi International Airport, and at Oman Air MRO facility at Muscat International Airport. 

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