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Uncluttered innovation: Cavotec's advanced GSE makes for safe, efficient aircraft servicing.
Uncluttered innovation: Cavotec's advanced GSE makes for safe, efficient aircraft servicing.

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How do in-ground systems benefit airports?

As the rate of passenger growth accelerates, and pressure to reduce costs and increase revenues intensifies, airports face significant operational challenges. IATA forecasts that more than 7.2 billion passengers will travel in 2035, doubling from 3.8 billion in 2016.[1]

The growth in passenger numbers means that more aircraft will need to be in the air, and more aircraft will need servicing on the ground. This is set to make Ground Support Equipment (GSE) a potentially strategic lever that airports can use to manage the increasing number of aircraft, and avoid congestion at passenger gates. Speed, efficiency and accuracy are important to maximize turnaround time (TAT) which is putting it simple the time an aircraft stays parked at the gate. Faster gate turnaround times allow more aircraft to be serviced during a given period. This offers airports potential to improve revenue.

Ramp design has improved in recent years from mobile diesel operations to fixed GSE under passenger boarding bridges. As airports grow, this may prove increasingly insufficient to meet the predicted growth in air traffic.

In-ground systems, based on pits installed as part of the fixed infrastructure of the apron near the parking line, and which can be installed at the gate, remote apron, or MRO facility offer a solution to the capacity challenge. Cavotec developed the state-of-the-art E3 Gate, a fully integrated in-ground design that is the most efficient solution on the market today to provide 400HZ power, pre-conditioned air, wet services, and fuelling via in-ground pit systems – meaning that all these services are available virtually as soon as aircraft park at the gate.

Have you considered the implications of an in-ground solution? To discover more about how our solutions can make GSE operations safer, cleaner, and more efficient, visit us.

[1] IATA -



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