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All set: Albrecht Bathon (third from left) welcomes partners and colleagues to Cavotec Fladung.
All set: Albrecht Bathon (third from left) welcomes partners and colleagues to Cavotec Fladung.

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​Cavotec welcomes Islamabad Airport delegation

Our Centre of Excellence outside Frankfurt, Cavotec Fladung, recently welcomed a group of colleagues from our partner airport equipment supplier ADELTE, along with staff from Islamabad's new international airport. The Cavotec Fladung team were delighted to open the centre’s doors, and give a guided tour of the advanced production and R&D facilities at the Dietzenbach site.

The primary purpose of the visit was to provide expert training in operations and maintenance of our 400Hz power and Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) pop-up pits systems, which have been installed at Islamabad's new international airport, due to open in August. 

Cavotec’s in-ground pit systems are seen by the client as the most efficient and safe way for powering and cooling aircraft on the ramp.

A routine part of Cavotec’s customer training and service, we believe that such visits are crucial to building personal rapport between colleagues, suppliers and customers, as well as expanding technical competence. 



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