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New JIG standards require fuelling pits to have covers that lie flat.
New JIG standards require fuelling pits to have covers that lie flat.

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Cavotec retrofits hydrant systems to meet new JIG standard

As part of our on-going commitment to improving safety at airport gates, hangars and aprons, we are currently supporting our customers to retrofit Cavotec hydrant pit systems to meet a recent requirement announced by the Joint Inspection Group (JIG).

JIG is a respected industry forum in which experts discuss aspects of aviation fuel supply to establish common standards for safe handling of aviation fuels globally.

“Naturally, safety is a key aspect in the design of all our systems. We work closely with airports, airlines, and industry bodies to ensure that our systems comply with all relevant national and international standards,” says Gary Matthews, Cavotec Market Unit Director.

The JIG Bulletin 90 requirement relates to the design of hydrant lids. JIG Standards (JIG section 3.5.4) states that all hydrant pit covers are to be tethered or permanently connected to pits.

One option to meet this requirement is to have a hinged lid that is connected to the pit at all times. The target completion date for hydrant operators to ensure non-lay-flat hinged pit lids are either modified or replaced is December 31, 2018. More information about the bulletin can be found here.

Cavotec is currently working closely with a number of customers worldwide to ensure that they adhere to the new standard. Work has already been completed at several airports including Heathrow International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport and Wellington International Airport.

Cavotec is a leading ground support equipment specialist, engineering a wide range of state-of-the-art systems and services for contact gates, remote aprons and hangars for commercial and military applications worldwide. 

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