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Airbus reaffirms faith in Cavotec’s in-ground systems

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Airbus reaffirms faith in Cavotec’s in-ground systems

Airbus has again selected Cavotec to supply innovative in-ground utility systems for several of their production facilities, including Tianjin in China, Mobile in Alabama in the US, and Hamburg in Germany, continuing a long-term relationship with Cavotec, and highlighting how Cavotec is seen as a trusted partner in the airport equipment industry and beyond.

The Tianjin Airbus joint venture, Tianbao, has installed Cavotec in-ground pop-up pit units that service aircraft at its A320 final assembly line, and in-ground hatch pit systems at all of its new A330 assembly lines in the northern port city of Tianjin.

“We’re delighted that Tianjin Airbus has selected Cavotec’s pit systems for its aircraft supply requirements once again. This project shows how Cavotec works closely with customers to achieve the best possible results,” says Taner Türk, Cavotec’s Regional Sales Director, Far East Airports.

In Europe, all Airbus production facilities are fitted with Cavotec pit systems. The aircraft manufacturer recently ordered Cavotec equipment for its fourth A320 production line in Hamburg, northern Germany.

Cavotec has also delivered turnkey systems for Airbus' MRO facility in Alabama in the US, including a complete 400Hz system with solid-state frequency converters, distribution cables and in-ground pits.

Cavotec pit systems ensure that aircraft are safely and quickly connected to a range of services, including 400Hz power, potable water and pre-conditioned air. This eliminates the need for trucks, diesel generators, and cables and hoses that tend to clutter the area around aircraft in assembly lines.

Our innovative systems emerge from pits embedded in the assembly line floor, and retract underground after use, leaving the area around aircraft clear. This reduces the risk of aircraft damage, reduces operational costs, and considerably simplifies aircraft servicing.



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